Blood Tube Decapper
Protects against glass breakage
Current_Tech_Saf De CapThe Saf De-Cap from Current Technologies, Crawfordsville, Ind, protects personnel from aerosol and splash while removing blood tube caps and breaking open ampules. Safer than paper towels or gauze, the device remains impervious to blood, specimens, and solvents and is designed for use in clinical and research labs and blood banks. A technician can place the translucent, pliant Saf De-Cap over a blood tube cap and grip to pop it off, or may cover an ampule before snapping it open. The cap minimizes splashing, protecting the technician’s eyes, and ensures that any glass breakage does not tear open gloves. The Saf De-Cap keeps gloves clean, reducing glove changes and preventing cross-contamination to equipment, keyboards, switches, and other surfaces.
Current Technologies
(800) 456-4022;

Emergency Shower
Flush away hazardous chemicals
HEMCO_Emergency ShowerEmergency shower and decontamination booths from Hemco Corp, Independence, Mo, are fully assembled and ready for installation to water supply and waste systems. Designed to immediately cleanse personnel who have been exposed to hazardous chemicals, the booth is equipped with an overhead pull-rod-activated shower and a rear-wall-mounted push-handle eye and face wash. The shower features a seamless mold of chemical-resistant fiberglass, frosted front strip curtains, interior stainless steel grab bars, raised deck grating with a self-draining containment basin, and a 2-inch bottom or rear drain outlet. The booth is compliant with ANSI and OSHA requirements.
Hemco Corp
(800) 779-4362;

Pediatric Heel Stick Devices
Prevent cross-contamination
PlatinumCode_Heel_StickA new line of heel stick devices for newborn screening from PlatinumCode, Minneapolis, produces a controlled incision and deactivates after use, eliminating the threat of cross-contamination. The device is pressure-activated to enable a faster, less painful procedure than those requiring push-button operation or preloading. Available in four sizes and colors with varying blade depth, the heel sticks feature a usage indicator and activation mechanism and are blister-packed and sterilized. The devices are FDA-approved and meet ISO 9001, 14001, and 13485 standards.
(888) 446-9965;

Plastic Capillary Tubes
Avoid injury due to shattered glass
Globe_Sci_Hand Shot A
Plastic Micro-Hematocrit Capillary Tubes from Globe Scientific, Paramus, NJ, eliminate the risk of injury and contamination associated with glass tubes due to breakage. The capillary tubes are latex-free and comply with FDA, NIOSH, CDC, and OSHA safety recommendations. Available untreated or with a sodium or ammonium heparin anticoagulant that keeps blood from clotting, all tubes are color-coded to easily distinguish plain and treated tubes.
Globe Scientific
(201) 599-1400;

Lab Waste Collection Containers
Dispose of non-sharp contaminated items
Whitney_Bench Top KeepersThe redesigned disposable Bench-Top Keepers from Whitney Medical Solutions, Niles, Ill, offer an economical solution to collecting infectious waste in the lab. Designed to hold contaminated items such as petri dishes, pipettes, test tubes, applicator sticks, swabs, and other non-sharp items, the containers enable users to save money by saving their sharps for sharps containers. The new Bench-Top Keepers have a wide opening and provide more useable interior space while retaining their small footprint. The items close securely for safe disposal and are plastic-lined to avoid leaking. Made in the USA.
Whitney Medical Solutions
(800) 338-4237;

Sterile Sleeve Protector
Kimberly-Clark_kimtech-sleeveReduces risk of contamination
The 18-inch Kimtech Pure A5 sterile sleeve protector from Kimberly-Clark Professional, Roswell, Ga, protects personnel from microbial contamination. Featuring a blue line signal to make donning easier, the sleeve includes thumb loops to prevent it from rolling back and exposing the arm or wrist. Made of SMS material for cloth-like comfort, the sleeve is designed to meet sterility assurance level 10-6 and Type 6 PPE Category III for “parts of the body.”
Kimberly-Clark Professional
(800) 241-3146;

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