pn09.jpg (13659 bytes)Tergajet powder and Solujet liquid detergents are phosphate-free, low-foaming cleaners for counter and floor standing washing machines. The detergents have been formulated to be effective in machine cleaning of phosphate-sensitive labware, such as BOD bottles, phosphate-free segregated glassware, mass-spec analysis, ICP and AA prep, water sample bottles, and petri dishes. Solujet and Tergajet are even effective on animal cages, optical substrates, pharmaceutical apparatuses, cosmetic equipment, and organic analysis glassware. The detergents can be used to remove various types of soils, including oil, radioisotopes, radioactivity, grease, tars, resin, fats, blood, particulates, oxides, salts, metal complexes, inorganic residues, chemicals, and solvents.

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