DPX Technologies, Columbia, SC, has launched a new ultra-pure grade filtration tip along with a new application note with Hamilton Robotics, Reno, Nev, titled “Automated Method for High-Throughput LC-MS/MS Quantitation of Testosterone from Serum: An Improved Validated Method.” The method for the extraction of testosterone from serum used Low Porosity Filtration Tips-Ultra Pure (LPFT-UP) and incorporated a ZnSO4solution in addition to acetonitrile on a Hamilton Heater Shaker (HHS) for improved recovery and precision during protein precipitation. The LPFT-UP provide a high purity filtration media for methods with very low detection limits. Patient samples had a calculated recovery of testosterone at 99.5% with no detected matrix effects. This demonstrates that the use of ZnSO4and acetonitrile is very efficient in extracting testosterone, and the use of LPFT-UP resulted in negligible losses. The introduction of Low Porosity Filtration tips-Ultra Pure provides a new product for low detection level methods. “We are really excited to expand our product offering for steroid testing,” says Carmen Adamson, brand manager. DPX plans to expand on the research and development to include a full panel of steroids. “Testosterone imbalance can signal a problem in both men and women. This method provides an accurate and precise tool to aid in that determination,” says Evan DiVirgilio, application scientist. For more information, visit DPX Technologies. Featured image: Low Porosity Filtration Tips-Ultra Pure on a Hamilton platform.