Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, Mass, has released its KingFisher Ready DNA ultra 2.0 prefilled plates as ready-to-use reagents. The reagents and related plastics are predispensed in sealed KingFisher plates, reducing pipetting steps and accelerating extractions, as well as making extractions more consistent. In practice, researchers peel the cover off the prefilled plate, add the lysed sample, and load the plate onto a KingFisher Duo Prime or Flex instrument.


Ole Dahlberg, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

“We strive to support our customers by making sample preparation simpler, more convenient, and faster, while also maintaining the performance and quality required for demanding downstream applications. We took another step in that direction by introducing prefilled plates for our KingFisher Flex and Duo Prime instruments,” says Ole Dahlberg, vice president and general manager of sample preparation at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “The new KingFisher Ready DNA ultra 2.0 prefilled plates combine the performance of MagMax DNA ultra 2.0 reagents dispensed into KingFisher plates, and the convenience of all accessory plastics conveniently available in one small box.”

“In 2009, we introduced the first MagMax DNA multisample kit designed to allow multiple sample types to be processed with one kit, and automated with KingFisher instruments,” adds Dahlberg. “Last year, we optimized the chemistry even further with our MagMax DNA ultra 2.0, which provided greater flexibility of input ranges without normalization, and faster processing times on the KingFisher instruments. Now we’ve taken it one step further with the prefilled, sealed KingFisher Ready plates. We believe this will make working with MagMax reagents and KingFisher instruments even easier.”

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