Festo, Islandia, NY, has introduced a compact rotary gripping module for handling vials and bottle caps.

With wipe-down surfaces and a variety of features in a clean, compact design, the new rotary gripper module EHMD is especially suited for capping, decapping, and general handling of small vials in automated diagnostic equipment.

The EHMD provides a compact, full-featured solution for preparing and analyzing samples, loading centrifuges, gripping, rotating, placing microwell plates, and opening and closing bottles and vials of different sizes. Combined with a Festo three-axis gantry and a camera, the new module can support applications requiring quality inspections, barcode reading, and printed labels.

The EHMD comes in two versions—fully electric, or with a pneumatic gripper. Both permit infinite rotation. The unique Z module automatically adjusts to the thread pitches of the caps, eliminating the time required to change the module’s head or attach an adapter.

The EHMD integrates with the Festo motor controller, offering additional performance, including force and torque control. The free Festo configuration tool can be used either online or offline, reducing installation time and contributing to less engineering overhead during the design stage.

For more information, visit Festo.