In order to optimize sample traceability during clinical research processes, Micronic has launched a 2D-coded tube with external thread. The sealing performance of the tube makes it suitable for centrifuging samples, while its external thread eliminates the possibility of the sample coming into contact with the screw thread. The 4.00 mL tube is designed to have a working volume of 3.40 mL, while minimizing the height of the tube. The tube’s high volume supports the storage of solid samples, while ultra-low temperature storage is possible as a result of the tube’s sturdy design and thick polypropylene walls. The triple thread of the tubes ensures tight closure, permitting horizontal placement of the tube for long-term sample preservation and storage. The screw cap is available in six colors. The tube’s 2D code is permanently laser-etched into the tube bottom, preventing the code from becoming detached from the tube. Furthermore, the tube code surface has a raised edge to protect the 2D code against scratches. For more information, visit Micronic.