productSodium heparin tubes have been added to this company’s line of virtually unbreakable plastic blood collection products.
    These plasma tubes are inherently safer than glass tubes and provide equivalent results at competitive cost. The new sodium heparin products are available in 13 x 75mm and 13 x 100mm tube sizes with 4ml and 6ml collection sizes, respectively. They are available with either a twist cap or pull cap design. The interior of the tube wall is coated with 14 IU of heparin per 1ml of blood to inhibit clotting.
     Sodium heparin activates antithrombins that block the coagulation cascade and produce a whole blood/plasma sample.
     These tubes are designed to be compatible with existing equipment without affecting procedures or performance.
Greiner Bio-One Vacuette
Keywords: coagulation, blood collection, safety