Verichem Laboratories, Providence, RI, working in conjunction with Advanced Instruments LLC, Norwood, Mass, is offering a liquid stable, protein-based BR2 Bilirubin Calibrator specifically designed for the calibration of the Advanced Model BR2 Bilirubin STAT Analyzer. The BR2 Bilirubin STAT Analyzer is a compact, portable, and easy-to-use system ideally suited for pediatric physician office laboratories, satellite and hospital STAT laboratories, and research laboratories focused on pediatric diagnostics. The analyzer also calculates Direct Bilirubin from the Total Bilirubin calibration data.

Verichem Laboratories’ ready-to use BR2 Bilirubin Calibrator requires no special procedures, preparation, or diluents. This custom designed product enables clinical laboratories to perform calibration of Total Bilirubin with a highly pure, liquid protein-based reference material. The calibrator incorporates a proprietary stabilization process that eliminates the need for azides, glycols, or interfering surfactants, while featuring a refrigerated open-vial product stability claim of five days, and an unopened shelf-life claim of 14 months at 2 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius. 

The company’s BR2 Bilirubin Calibrator is conveniently packaged in amber serum vials, with rubber-lined closures, containing 5 milliliters of standard material, with two vials per kit. In addition, the product can be used in conjunction with Verichem Laboratories’ five-level Bilirubin Standard Kit, the Tru-Zero Bilirubin Standard, and Bilirubin-Level F Standard to validate the assay’s reportable range of 0.0 to 30.0 mg/dL  

Verichem Laboratories serves the clinical laboratory testing and in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) manufacturing markets with a comprehensive line of calibration verification products, chemistry standards, reference materials, and support services—including free, instant online data reduction reports for CLIA compliance. 

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Featured image: Verichem’s liquid stable and ready-to-use BR2 Bilirubin Calibrator for use on Advanced Instruments BR2 STAT Bilirubin STAT Analyzer. (Courtesy: Verichem Laboratories)