Gram Stain QC Slides from Alpha-Tec Systems, Vancouver, Wash, have been designed to ensure the quality, accuracy, and reliability of Gram stain reagents and staining procedures.ATS gram slides 300DPI

To foster the greatest testing accuracy, these slides provide a known positive and negative control that the lab can use to limit the batch-to-batch differences in staining procedures and standardize diagnostic criteria.

The Alpha-Tec Systems Gram Stain QC Slides are available in three designs. Each slide contains a Gram positive control of Staphylococcus aureus and a Gram negative control of Escherichia coli. Slides with specimen wells provide areas for either one or three clinical specimens – suitable for the second and third shifts for review by the supervisor.

All slides are individually sealed in a foil pouch, and each package of slides is accompanied by color-coded log sheets to meet accreditation requirements for documentation. The QC Slides eliminate the need for the lab to maintain in-house cultures or control organisms, and are compatible with all automated stainers.

[Source: Alpha-Tec]