Bio-Rad Laboratories has collaborated with Beckman Coulter to offer InteliQload-and-go quality controls for use on Beckman Coulter DxC AU and AU series clinical chemistry analyzers. Bio-Rad’s InteliQ controls are a range of barcoded, load-and-go quality controls in a tube configuration that provide laboratories with the opportunity to achieve enhanced productivity and increased workflow efficiencies. 

Designed to streamline lab quality control (QC) workflows with load-and-go efficiency, Bio-Rad’s InteliQ quality controls provide an effective QC solution for the essential and important work being performed in labs today. InteliQ controls empower labs to automate QC workflows, reduce turnaround times, and minimize human error to increase overall laboratory productivity. Combined with Unity data management, these controls help bring a new level of confidence in the reliability of patient results by leveraging data from the world’s largest network of reporting labs.

For the first time, InteliQ chemistry quality controls are available on Beckman Coulter’s DxC AU and AU series analyzers, eliminating manual steps to simplify and automate QC workflows with load-and-go-efficiency. This collaboration provides users with advanced QC capability, demonstrating an average time savings of 60% due to the elimination of labor-intensive tasks of identifying control material, aliquoting controls into sample cups, and manually programming QC runs. Additionally, by incorporating InteliQ controls into the QC process, labs can potentially reduce pour-off errors and costs associated with disposables and waste removal. This offeringfor Beckman Coulter analyzers consists of five chemistry controls encompassing a wide range of analytes at multiple levels to meet customer testing needs across the analytical testing range.

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Featured Image: Bio-Rad’s InteliQload-and-go quality controls are available for Beckman Coulter’s DxC AU and AU series analyzers. Photo: Bio-Rad