Exact Diagnostics, Fort Worth, Texas, has launched the EDX RP positive run control, an unassayed external quality control intended to monitor the performance of clinical respiratory panel assays.

Routine use of the EDX RP positive run control enables laboratories to meet their individualized quality control goals, including evaluation of reagent lot changes and new shipments. In addition, it monitors multiple identical devices and provides an assessment of different personnel and locations.

The EDX RP positive run control contains 22 respiratory analytes that are internally value- assigned using droplet digital PCR technology from Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, Calif. The multiplex control is a combination of whole intact virus and bacteria samples that have been heated or chemically inactivated, as well as synthetic RNA transcripts.

The control is designed to test the entire process of a molecular assay, including extraction, detection, and amplification. The EDX RP positive run control is the first multianalyte control to target 22 analytes in a single vial, a format that can save laboratories time and space on their instruments.

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