Asuragen Inc, Austin, Tex, a molecular diagnostics company delivering high-quality, easy-to-use products for complex testing in genetics and oncology, has announced the CE marking and launch of the QuantideX NGS DNA Hotspot 21 kit, a targeted, next-generation sequencing (NGS) panel for the detection of clinically relevant variants across a multitude of tumor types, including colorectal cancer, melanoma, and non-small cell lung cancer.

By screening for the most commonly observed variants in a simple workflow, the kit addresses existing laboratory and clinical challenges surrounding NGS testing, including long time to result, high assay complexity, and laborious data interpretation. The panel represents an evolution of the company’s existing QuantideX NGS pan-cancer kit, further streamlining the assay workflow and harmonizing run conditions to enable parallel processing of samples with the QuantideX NGS RNA lung cancer kit.

The QuantideX NGS DNA Hotspot 21 kit features Asuragen’s unique cGMP-manufactured, end-to-end NGS-in-a-box design, providing the necessary reagents to prepare sequencing-ready libraries in as little as a single day, and incorporating push-button analytics to standardize results after sequencing. Asuragen’s proprietary sample-aware bioinformatics software assesses whether sufficient amplifiable DNA is present, addressing common concerns of low quantity and quality samples. Similar to the QuantideX NGS RNA lung cancer kit, the assay is indicated for use on the broadly installed Illumina MiSeq platform, further easing laboratory implementation and adoption.

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Matthew McManus, MD, PhD, Asuragen.

“The launch of the QuantideX NGS DNA Hotspot 21 kit reinforces Asuragen’s commitment to provide simple, streamlined molecular testing products for laboratories, even for complicated technologies like next-generation sequencing,” says Matthew McManus, MD, PhD, president and CEO of Asuragen. “As with all our products, this kit reduces laboratory complexity and optimizes both workflow and the quality of results—all critical to providing the best care possible for patients.”

The QuantideX NGS DNA Hotspot 21 kit and QuantideX NGS RNA lung cancer kit are labeled for research use only in the United States and for research use only, respectively.

Asuragen is a molecular diagnostics company changing the way patients are treated in genetics and oncology. The company’s diagnostic systems, composed of proprietary chemistry and software, deliver powerful answers using broadly installed instrument platforms. Asuragen is a product foundry rapidly and efficiently addressing current and emerging clinical needs, including cancer diagnosis and monitoring, reproductive health and aging, and serving laboratories across a patient’s lifespan with its diagnostic tests.

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