Point-of-Care Mobile Application
Assists management of septic patients

Beckman Coulter, Brea, Calif, has sponsored the Escavo Sepsis Clinical Guide, a mobile point-of-care medical reference application for healthcare professionals who manage septic patients in acute-care settings. Intended for use by medical professionals, the Sepsis Clinical Guide is a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms that contains information about the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis. Its content is based on the latest clinical practice guidelines from leading organizations in the field, including the Infectious Diseases Society of America, the Society of Critical Care Medicine, and the Surviving Sepsis Campaign. Healthcare providers can download the free Sepsis Clinical Guide app from Google Play for Android devices, or from the App Store for the iOS platform.

Beckman Coulter
(714) 993-5321; www.beckmancoulter.com



Fume Hoods
Economical solution for limited space

EcoFlow on Blue.inddEcoFlow laboratory fume hoods from Hemco Corp, Independence, Mo, are now offered in 24-, 30-, 36-, and 48-inch-wide models and are an economical solution for laboratories with space limitations. The hood size is suited for additional hood space applications and student workstations. Because of its reduced size, the hood requires less exhaust air to be drawn from the lab. A fully adjustable sliding sash constructed of 3/16-inch-thick shatterproof plexiglass allows the user easy access into the fume chamber.

(800) 779-4362; www.hemcocorp.com


Thermocycler with AI-Powered Software
Improves workflows for molecular testing

1807 CLP Product News_Siemens FastTrack01Fast Track Diagnostics, a Siemens Healthineers company, has launched the Fast Track molecular thermocycler and complementary FastFinder software. The thermocycler is a compact, research-use-only platform that is scalable up to 10 thermocyclers per computer. It uses magnetic induction technology, requires no calibration, and comes equipped with lyophilized reagent technology. FastFinder software improves workflows with fully automated, artificial intelligence-powered PCR interpretation for in vitro diagnostic applications.

Siemens Healthineers
(888) 826-9702; www.healthcare.siemens.com


Heavy-Duty Cabinets
Featuring 12-gauge steel

1807 CLP Product News_Vidmar01Heavy-duty cabinets from Vidmar, Allentown, Pa, feature 12-gauge steel and all-welded construction. Manufactured in the United States with global materials, the cabinets ship fully assembled and preconfigured. The new product line is specifically engineered for industrial applications requiring increased weight capacity, bin storage, and enhanced durability, with individual shelf capacities of 1,525 pounds to 1,900 pounds, depending on model. The heavy-duty door design features all-welded louvered panels and durable hinges for added door rigidity. Optional bins are available for additional small-item storage.

(800) 523-9462; www.stanleyvidmar.com



Single- and Multichannel Pipettes
Improved ergonomics, handling, and stability

1807 CLP Product News_Greiner Bio-One01Greiner Bio-One GmbH, Frickenhausen, Germany, has debuted Sapphire pipettes for liquid handling. The manual single- and multichannel pipettes feature an ultralight design, which improves ergonomics, handling, and stability for day-to-day use. The color-coded pushbutton can be operated with minimal effort, as soft-spring technology reduces the amount of energy required. The head of the multichannel pipette can be rotated 360 degrees, permitting easy pipetting in any position. Fully autoclavable, the pipettes sport a special handle design that reduces the negative impact of hand warmth, thereby increasing accuracy and precision.

Greiner Bio-One
(704) 261-7800; www.gbo.com


Hybrid Tubes
Support sample traceability

1807 CLP Product News_Micronic hybrid tubes01Hybrid tubes released by Micronic, Lelystad, the Netherlands, are available in 0.75 mL and 1.40 mL sizes. The tubes are constructed with a transparent portion, which allows visual checking of the sample, and white side walls, which enable automated and visual sample identification via four sample identification methods. The side of the tube contains a blank white surface suitable for writing or lasering identification codes, a numeric code for visual identification, and a one-dimensional barcode readable by handheld scanners and automated systems. The two-dimensional data matrix on the bottom of the tube makes it possible to read a full rack of tubes at once.

(484) 483-8075; www.micronic.com


Storage Tubes
Suited for low-volume genomics

1807 CLP Product News_Micronic 0.30 mL storage tubes01Micronic, Lelystad, the Netherlands, a provider of sample storage solutions, has developed a 0.30 mL tube with external thread that enables miniaturization of the reaction volume required in genomic applications. The automation-friendly tube has a working volume of 210 µL, making it accessible for low-volume liquid handlers and suited for RNA/DNA libraries, unique aliquoting, and storage capacity with multiple access. The 0.30 mL tube is the smallest size in a range of tubes featuring an external thread and sturdy design that supports ultralow temperature storage. The triple thread of the tubes enables closure and horizontal placement of the cap to ensure long-term sample preservation. The screw cap is available in six colors.

(484) 483-8075; www.micronic.com


Solid-Phase Extraction Sample Preparation
Enables urine drug testing

1807 CLP Product News_Phenomenex01Strata-X-Drug B Plus, a solid-phase extraction (SPE) sample preparation product for urine drug testing in clinical and forensic toxicology labs, has been introduced by Phenomenex Inc, Torrance, Calif. The new product features solvent shielding technology, which enables enzyme hydrolysis to be carried out directly in the microplate well, reducing transfer steps, time requirements, and cost. The hydrolysis solution can be held for 6 hours or more, providing flexibility in protocol planning. Strata-X-Drug B Plus is available in a 96-well plate format and enables the extraction of more than 22 drugs of abuse.

(310) 212-0555; www.phenomenex.com



C-Peptide Assay
Aids in diagnosis and management of diabetes

1807 CLP Product News_Ortho Clinical C-Peptide assay01Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Raritan, NJ, has launched the Vitros Immunodiagnostic Products C-Peptide reagent pack and calibrators, broadening the company’s menu of tests for the diagnosis and management of diabetes and other pancreatic disorders. C-peptide measurement is valuable for detecting absolute deficiency of insulin as well as differentiating between types of diabetes, including latent autoimmune diabetes, maturity onset diabetes of the young, type 1 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes. Offered on Ortho’s Vitros 5600 integrated chemistry and immunodiagnostic system and Vitros 3600 immunodiagnostic system, the assay is commercially available in the United States and countries that accept the CE mark.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
(800) 828-6316; www.orthoclinicaldiagnostics.com


Whole Blood Panel
Identifies sepsis-causing pathogens

1807 CLP Product News_T2 Biosystems01The T2Bacteria panel, developed by T2 Biosystems Inc, Lexington, Mass, directly detects sepsis-causing bacterial species in human whole blood specimens from patients with suspected bloodstream infections. The rapid test identifies pathogens in approximately 5 hours, more than 2.5 days faster than blood culture-dependent methods. The panel expedites targeted therapy within hours of blood draw, and exhibits no interference from the presence of antibiotics in the bloodstream. The T2Bacteria panel runs on the company’s T2Dx instrument and identifies five of the most common sepsis-causing species of bacteria.

T2 Biosystems
(781) 457-1200; www.t2biosystems.com