The new Xifin 6 laboratory information system (LIS) from Xifin, San Diego, enables laboratories to review results in batches and sort them by their various types, including accession/case number, specimen type, and test type. The new platform also offers universal plate-mapping management capabilities that are essential for next-generation sequencing (NGS).

The Xifin 6 platform features enhancements that support high-complexity, high-volume labs. Expanding on features of the Xifin 5 LIS, the new system integrates capabilities from strategic partners, including artificial intelligence-powered digital pathology workflow, genomic data interpretation, and automated prior authorization.

According to Axiom Market Research and Consulting, the North American market for LISs will reach $869 million by 2022. While on-premise solutions continue to be the most common LISs in use, as Cloud computing gains favor LISs that are remotely hosted or based on the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model are beginning to displace on-site systems. Organizations of all types are turning to Cloud-based solutions to add flexibility and minimize the time and money spent on complex hardware and software.


Vicki DiFrancesco, Xifin.

Xifin 6 LIS is specifically designed to meet the varied operational needs and regulatory requirements of almost every kind of diagnostic laboratory. The system also supports precision medicine programs to improve patient outcomes by helping laboratories more easily integrate, communicate, and exchange information with electronic health records (EHRs), revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions, and other systems.

Xifin added further improvements to its new LIS by signing strategic partnerships with Fabric Genomics, Glidian, Medical Database, and Proscia. The partnerships add the following capabilities to Xifin 6:

  • AI-Driven Genomic Data Interpretation. Xifin’s partnership with Fabric Genomics enables Xifin 6 to offer seamless, rapid, and scalable NGS testing. To accelerate diagnoses and turnaround times, Fabric Genomics’ AI-driven platform delivers fast, efficient analysis of complex genomic data and generation of physician-ready clinical reports.
  • Automated Prior Authorization. With the integration of Glidian’s automated prior authorization solution with Xifin 6, laboratories can secure needed approvals before conducting tests, thus increasing efficiencies and reducing denials.
  • Test Utilization Decision Support. Access to test utilization support through Medical Database’s laboratory decision system enables physicians to identify the most medically relevant tests.
  • AI for Digital Pathology. Xifin is collaborating with Proscia to deliver AI into its digital pathology workflows. Integration of Proscia’s AI-powered digital pathology platform, Concentriq, with Xifin 6 enables laboratories to automatically sort and prioritize cases in order to improve efficiency and grow revenue. Proscia’s products are for research use only.

“Labs are part of a larger healthcare ecosystem, and making them more accessible and extensible to the community is a critical success factor to grow their value,” says Vicki DiFrancesco, chief strategy officer at Xifin. “Yet, labs are facing continued industry changes and pressures, including the move into molecular and pharmacogenomic testing and new enterprisewide efforts related to population health and precision medicine initiatives. Xifin’s LIS is purpose-built for labs to help them meet these demands and trends.”

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