Molecular Health (MH), Heidelberg, Germany, a computational biomedicine company that transforms molecular data into clinically actionable information for efficient and safer cancer treatment options, has introduced Molecular Health Guide Mendel (MH Mendel) as a component of its comprehensive in vitro diagnostic software solution, MH Guide 3.0.

MH Mendel compiles data from a variety of sources to help human geneticists assess and classify variants detected in their patients. The program includes population frequencies, reported clinical significance, and functional impact predictions for a wide range of variants. For analysis of germline variants associated with hereditary diseases, MH Mendel enables human geneticists to manage their own variant classifications and interpretations as well as create diagnostic reports.

“Genetic tests can reveal a predisposition to rare hereditary diseases,” says Stephan Brock, PhD, chief technology officer at Molecular Health. “Today some hereditary diseases can be managed. Early detection and precise understanding is important to initiate treatment and to prevent avoidable irreparable defects.

Stephan Brock, PhD.

Stephan Brock, PhD, Molecular Health.

“Results of genetic tests analyzed and evaluated by MH Mendel can reveal a predisposition to diseases and help physicians find the exact molecular cause and create a personalized diagnostic report for each patient,” adds Brock. “We are glad that, with MH Mendel, we can now help patients and support physicians with our advanced and highly curated and integrated precision medicine technologies and expertise.”

MH Mendel is the latest offering from a company focused on the capture, curation, integration, and analysis of large datasets in the field of biomedicine and medical products as well as the combining of those datasets with novel artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to enable precision medicine.

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