Molecular genetics company Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), Oxford, UK, has upgraded its SureSeq Interpret software, which is included with purchases of SureSeq next-generation sequencing (NGS) panels.

OGT is well known for its CytoSure Interpret microarray analysis software, and has leveraged its bioinformatics expertise to develop the new, significantly enhanced software. Designed to help researchers translate cumbersome NGS data into meaningful results, the upgraded SureSeq Interpret software delivers a precise NGS analysis with the flexibility to meet individual laboratory requirements.

The SureSeq Interpret software has been designed to be used with SureSeq NGS panels, facilitating analysis and visualization of a wide range of mutation types and structural variants. Working in tandem with OGT’s panel design and hybridization-based approach that delivers uniformity in sequencing reactions, SureSeq Interpret is integral to enabling low-frequency variants to be detected confidently and consistently, according to the company.

SureSeq Interpret rapidly processes sequencing data and delivers accurate mutation calling with 100% sensitivity and 99.9% specificity at >1% variant allele frequency. The sensitivity and specificity are determined using Horizon Discovery OncoSpan and TruQ7 and HapMap (NA12878) standards. The software reliably identifies single nucleotide variants and indels, as well as such structural variants as copy number variants and internal tandem duplications.

The software’s comprehensive filtering framework enables analysis workflows to be standardized and allows variant filtering to be overlaid to meet analytical criteria. Customization options enable researchers to tailor variant and batch reports and database links to meet the exact needs of the laboratory. Security and control measures include a built-in ability to track user activity and standardize analysis protocols via multiple access permission levels.


David Cook, Oxford Gene Technology.

“We realized there was a gap for freely available, accurate, and precise NGS analysis software that also offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of analysis, filtering options, and security controls, and SureSeq Interpret has been developed to address that need,” says Dave Cook, OGT’s senior product manager. “OGT is well known for our highly rated CytoSure Interpret microarray analysis software, and SureSeq Interpret follows on from that. We want to enable researchers to focus on their research, rather than struggling to sift through data.”

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