Verichem Laboratories, Providence, RI, has introduced a ready-to-use, liquid stable standard kit intended for either calibration or calibration verification of ethanol for wet chemistry diagnostic testing systems. The six-level set of reference materials is free of azide, glycols, surfactants, and other interfering substances. The materials are expressly designed to be processed by the intended clinical measuring system in the same way as a patient specimen.

Verichem Laboratories’ ethanol standard kit comes in a ready-to-use, liquid stable format that incorporates the serum-like reactivity of a protein-based matrix coupled with the volumetric accuracy of an absolute standard. The biosynthetic matrix allows for maximum product stability and lot-to-lot consistency. The product’s unique matrix formulation and set point design, at or near decision cutoff concentrations, are vital for the determination of test method accuracy, sensitivity, linearity, and reportable range. The six-standard concentration levels are verified using available standard reference materials from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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