John T. Daly, MD, COLA.

Laboratory analysis of the hormones BNP and N-Terminal Pro-BNP is a vital step during the work-up of a patient thought to be suffering cardiac failure, in order to distinguish patients with cardiac failure from those with respiratory-related dyspnea. Hosted by the lab accreditation organization COLA, Columbia, Md, the latest installment of the video blog “Dr. Daly Discusses . . .” features a discussion of the differences between the two hormones by COLA chief medical officer John T. Daly, MD.

While both BNP and N-Terminal Pro-BNP are excellent markers of cardiac failure, says Daly, it is important to understand wherein the analyses and metabolism differ. Daly also discusses the utility of serial measurements of the hormones in patients with known heart failure, and in patient populations with stable angina and acute coronary syndrome.

The video is part of an ongoing series on topics of interest to laboratory personnel as well as other healthcare professionals. Each presentation is around 5 minutes in length. New presentations are posted on the third Thursday of each month to www.labtestingmatters.org, a website launched by COLA to foster a sense of community around laboratory medicine. Planned videos in the series will cover such topics as rabies and Candida auris.

The video blog series was developed to give clinical laboratorians and patient care providers brief overviews of topical issues. Observations include practical suggestions that laboratorians and providers might not consciously contemplate, but which are vitally important in the lab and in patient care in general.

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