Alercell has launched a new website—Lena Diagnostics,—dedicated to proprietary tests focused on early detection of cancer and leukemia.

The first test to be promoted on is a Research Use Only (RUO) LENA Q51 Leukemia diagnostic test for commercial sale. Lena Q51 was developed to detect up to 51 genes mutations associated with Leukemia.

The RUO Lena Q51 is available for early detection of any type of Leukemia and is a gigantic leap forward in Leukemia detection. The RUO LENA Q51 will be available while the company completes clinical trials and regulatory submissions to support U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for broader clinical use.

The company also intends to launch an early detection lung cancer test in 2023 based on DNA methylation.

“All our new tests were designed to improve patient outcomes and help in selecting the appropriate therapeutics for Leukemia and cancer patients,” says Frederic Scheer, chairman & CEO of Alercell. “Early detection enhances drastically the survival rates of patients and Alercell is focusing on making sure that we give every patient the best chances of survival.”

Alercell is a molecular diagnostics company pioneering novel therapeutics to discover, develop, and commercialize solutions for clinical unmet needs, with a primary focus in oncology in-vitro Diagnostic Testing and Neuroscience.