MedTrainer, Redlands, Calif, released LabComply, a cloud-based software package that provides a comprehensive resource for managing all aspects of CLIA testing. LabComply addresses the most common deficiencies found by CMS and accreditation organizations such as staff competency assessments, QC and maintenance documentation, reagent and supply lot number and expiration tracking, and verification of standard operating procedures.

Compliance with CLIA Waived testing, as defined by the Manufacturer’s Instruction Use and Good Laboratory Practices, is proving to be an expensive and time-consuming task for long-term care facilities and other organizations that were provided covid-19 testing equipment and online training, but not a comprehensive method to manage compliance requirements. MedTrainer’s LabComply affordably simplifies required compliance processes for any type of organization that utilizes CLIA-Waived equipment. 

“Quality testing and patient safety are essential for laboratories,” says Jorge Fernandez, COO, MedTrainer, “We understand the challenges of changing regulations on point of care testing facilities. We developed LabComply based on customer need to the support training and administrative tasks so that labs can efficiently and accurately manage their regulatory processes.”

MedTrainer customers can easily add the LabComply tools to their current portfolio of services. New clients can pick the features that are most appropriate for their organization. Once an organization becomes a customer, a dedicated account success manager is assigned to ensure a quick and successful start-up that can be completed within a matter of days after signing up. 

For more information and to schedule a demo of LabComply, visit MedTrainer