Summary: Dotmatics introduced Luma Lab Connect, a platform aimed at supporting R&D laboratories by automatically gathering data from various sources and consolidating it into a centralized location for improved accuracy and faster decision-making. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Luma Lab Connect addresses the challenges posed by the digital transformation of R&D labs, streamlining data management processes and enhancing connectivity.
  • Luma Lab Connect seeks to ensure the integrity and reliability of data, empowering scientists to make quicker, more informed decisions by structuring and consolidating data with descriptive metadata and experimental results.
  • By automating the real-time flow of lab instrument data into the Luma data management platform, Luma Lab Connect eliminates manual processes,

Dotmatics, a developer of R&D scientific software connecting science, data, and decision-making, announced the launch of Luma Lab Connect, a platform designed to help R&D laboratories automatically ingest data from any instrument or data source and centralize it in one place to increase accuracy and accelerate decision-making. 

Luma Lab Connect extracts descriptive metadata and experiment results from files and makes data available from across labs and experiments enabling deeper exploration, analysis, and insights on one harmonized, low-code cloud platform, Dotmatics Luma

Help Adjusting to Lab Digitization

The digital transformation of R&D labs has created new challenges for lab managers and IT leaders as they pursue a multimodal approach to discoveries—from the early stages of collecting, collating, backing up, and making the data accessible, to the more valuable steps of parsing, standardizing, modeling, and processing the data, the company says. 

Improving Lab Connectivity

The proliferation of instruments and data sources has led to a fragmented data landscape, hindered by manual processes, disparate file formats, and a lack of standardized connectivity options. As a result, valuable time and resources are consumed in aligning data outputs, managing data integrity risks, and maintaining complex, inflexible solutions that are purpose-built and which fail to enable a multimodal approach to analysis.

“With Luma Lab Connect, Dotmatics is helping labs unlock the value of their data by providing a unified, low-code solution for instrument connectivity, data harmonization, and modeling,” says Thomas Swalla, CEO at Dotmatics. “In the coming years, the companies that own the cleanest, AI-ready data will find the most success pursuing ground-breaking discoveries. Our customers who have adopted Luma Lab Connect are finding immense value from their instrument data, simplifying workflows, and accelerating scientific discovery.”

How Luma Lab Connect Helps Labs

Luma Lab Connect addresses the instrumentation challenges in today’s labs, helping organizations overcome the hurdles associated with instrument data management, the company says. By automating the real-time flow of lab instrument data into the Luma data management platform, Luma Lab Connect eliminates manual processes, streamlining connectivity and enhancing data accuracy without requiring coding expertise. The benefits to labs and their scientists include:

  • Simplified Instrument Connectivity: Automated ingestion of instrument data into the Luma platform, enabling seamless integration across labs and experiments.
  • Increased Data Accuracy: Structuring and consolidating data with descriptive metadata and experimental results, ensuring data integrity and reliability.
  • Accelerated Decision-making: Empowering scientists to visualize, query, and model data through custom dashboards, facilitating quicker, more informed decisions.

Support for R&D Labs

Luma Lab Connect helps R&D labs seamlessly ingest files from any data source, including file-based instruments, into Dotmatics’ SaaS cloud, where the use case agnostic parsing engine automatically extracts descriptive metadata and scientific data with no configuration, according to the company. This parsed data is then modeled in the Luma platform, where it is harmonized with additional data to build a comprehensive picture of data for analysis. This data can then be used to integrate with Dotmatics’ leading scientific tools or extracted via JDBC or Dotmatics open, documented APIs. Remote management and monitoring by Dotmatics ensure stability and reliability, freeing researchers from the burden of IT maintenance and allowing them to focus on driving innovation.

This multi-step process enables shared parser use across client systems and use cases and builds a network effect of available parsers and quality monitoring, while maintaining the flexibility to model data into the most useful form for any given scenario.

“The interest in Luma Lab Connect has been overwhelming with several large pharmaceutical companies now actively using it with great success,” says Kalim Saliba, chief product officer at Dotmatics. “We have hundreds of users live, processing 10s of terabytes of data each day across more than 40 supported formats, covering thousands of instruments.”

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Supporting Specific Scientific Outcomes

Luma Lab Connect is designed to empower scientists and reduce the time and costs associated with R&D by helping organizations drive FAIR data through automated data wrangling and by making it easy to integrate and access in support of common use cases and scientific outcomes that are aspired to in labs today. Those use cases and outcomes include flow cytometry, screening, cell line development, automatically linking test results to experiments, greater CxO collaboration, and ensuring AI ready data.

Photo of scientists collaborating courtesy of Dotmatics