Single Syringe Infusion-Only Pump

Has an accuracy of +/-0.5%

KD Scientific, Holliston, Mass, introduces the Legato 100 syringe pump, which is the first single syringe infusion-only pump with a touch screen interface. The Legato 100 has a wide flow rate range from 1.28 pL/min to 88.28 mL/min. Any type of syringe can be used in the unit, including stainless steel, plastic, or glass. Syringes from 0.5 µL to 60 mL can be used. The Legato 100 has an accuracy of +/- 0.5% and a reproducibility of +/- 0.05%. The large color display allows the user to see all the pump’s operating parameters to ensure proper operation during the experiments. The Legato 100 can be used in flow cytometry, electrospinning, mass spec calibrant delivery, microfluidics, and neuroscience applications, among others.

KD Scientific
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Benchtop Incubators

Feature fully programmable controls

Torrey Pines Scientific Inc, Carlsbad, Calif, announces its new range of fully programmable, chilling/heating, benchtop incubators with temperature ramping for use in pharmaceutical, biotech, biochemistry, clinical, general chemistry, and other laboratories. Typical applications include protein crystal growth; culture growth above, below, or at room temperature; enzyme reactions and deactivations; incubating marine cultures; ligations; hybridizations; storing ooytes and DNA libraries; among others. Temperature range is from 4.0°C to 70.0°C with control to 0.1°C (even at room temperature). The fully programmable controls are capable of storing three routines in memory with each routine capable of 10 steps. Units have an RS232 interface for data collection; a 99-day timer readable to 1 second; and are UL, CSA, and CE listed. They are available in 100, 115, and 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz models.

Torrey Pines Scientific Inc
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