At this point, you’re noticing something different on this page and perhaps wondering, “Who’s this guy, and how did he get in here?” Both are very valid questions. And while I’ve got a pretty good handle on the first part of that inquiry, trust me: I’m wondering about the second part myself.

See, last month, as I’d done for more than the past 3 years, I was gearing up to deliver the next issue of Hearing Review Products, another title under the Allied Media umbrella. Then, essentially a week before this issue was scheduled to go to the printer, there were changes decided on and acted upon by people above me who are paid to do such things, and I was brought aboard to captain the good ship CLP.

So here I am.

As to who I am, I’ll spare you the autobiography and simply sum up by saying that I’m an experienced writer and editor with more than 20 years spent publishing all sorts of things. I’ve run weekly newspapers and monthly trades and Web sites. More often than not, I’ve started off at each new post with little more than a vague concept of my audience or a magazine’s subject matter—and this shiny new position is no different. To be brutally frank, when it comes to clinical lab products, what I don’t know heavily outweighs what I know.

As incoming editor, that might be a bold—even risky—thing to admit, but I think it far less detrimental to confront that issue than to ignore it or pretend to be something I’m not.

Embarking on this journey together, I hope you’ll appreciate my honesty rather than depreciate my lack of industry pedigree. What I also hope you’ll come to appreciate is the energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity I bring with me to this task, coupled to a drive to build upon the excellent foundation established by my esteemed predecessor, Suzanne Clancy, and engineer CLP to become the best, most comprehensive resource for you that it can be.

What exactly is that best, most comprehensive resource? Editorially speaking, it involves providing relevant, topical, and ahead-of-the-curve content, and an embrace and expansion of online channels of opportunity. But from an industry perspective, well, that's for you to know and me to find out. And I plan to do just that in a way probably not much different from what you would when tackling a new subject: by diving in head first. And taking copious notes.

To stay on top of developments in the clinical lab space, bookmark this website.

Over the course of these coming months and issues, I have a lot to learn and an eagerness to do so in an industry that has a lot to teach me. Let the lessons begin.

Will Campbell
Editor, CLP
(213) 254-5449