AcroMetrix has announced the launch of the West Nile Virus (WNV) Training Panel. The six-member panel is intended for use in evaluating operator qualification as well as assisting in verification activities for WNV assays.

Laboratories bringing on new WNV assays can use the WNV Training Panel to verify that their test results are consistent across different laboratories, platforms, operators and assay formats. The panel members cover a broad range of positive and negative values, demonstrating performance ranges similar to those established by the assay manufacturer, and helping to provide a complete assessment of operator qualification.

"We believe it is important to provide the highest quality training and verification materials that can assist the laboratory in bringing assays online smoothly and painlessly," said Michael Eck, President and CEO. "The WNV Training Panel is designed specifically for use with commercial WNV assays to help the lab achieve their quality control objectives."

The WNV Training Panel is developed using whole virus in a normal human plasma matrix, creating a quality control material very similar to a naturally occurring patient sample that allows monitoring of the entire NAT process from extraction to amplification and detection. Use of the WNV Training Panel, along with VeriSure Pro external run controls, helps to strengthen a laboratory’s complete quality control program. This product is currently intended for research use only.

Source: Prweb