Rosie, affectionately named by Self Regional Healthcare central lab staff, a RoboCourier™ autonomous mobile robot from Swisslog, is the kind of helper every hospital laboratory seeks. Always agreeable, never taking coffee breaks or chatting with fellow workers, Rosie works up to 24-hours per day delivering specimens to testing cells at the Self Regional Healthcare central lab in Greenwood, SC.

In operation since June 2011, Rosie the RoboCourier is tasked with transporting specimens from the lab’s receiving desk to five testing areas located in rooms separated by narrow hallways.

RoboCourier contributes to lean process improvements by increasing efficiency, maximizing operations, and improving flow. RoboCourier features human-like voice commands that notify staff of its presence. Laser guidance assures avoidance of people and objects.

Additionally, RoboCourier can interface with automatic doors along its route. The robot can operate 24 hours per day between battery recharging. It requires no facility modifications during installation, and its route can be quickly mapped and modified.

Source: Swisslog