productDesigned to measure ammonia gas on a continuous basis, the sensor elements are explosion-proof and rated for class I division I, group A-B-C-D hazardous atmospheres.

Three models are available: 51A26 is a wall-mounted, stand-alone ammonia gas detector with a range of 0–1,000 ppm, Model 51A40 is a wall-mounted unit with a remote probe, which comes with explosion-proof housing, reliable up to 1,000 feet from the controller. The 51A45 is a portable model with the same 0–1,000 ppm range.

All units feature an audible and visual alarm, meter readout, failure and pilot signals, circuit test button, and alarm set check button. Models are available for 115 V AC operation, operation with a 3.6 V NiCad rechargeable battery, and remote 115 V AC operations. Models measuring LP/gasoline vapor and combustible gas will measure in a range of 0–1,000 ppm. A 4–20 mA or 0–1 V DC output and relay control options are also available.

Kernco Instruments Co Inc