productFour new configurations are available for the Integrated Modular Analytics systems. All configurations combine clinical chemistry (CC) and immunoassay (IA) testing onto one platform to enhance efficiency. Samples are processed in one pass, with a single user interface, a single point of entry and a single patient report.
     All four configurations allow laboratories to choose a system suited to their specific requirements. All configurations allow the Integrated Modular Analytics system to be used as a main line or specialty analyzer in a hospital or reference setting. The new configurations include <PEE>, <PPEE>, <DPE>, and <DPEE> and can be combined to process more than 32,000 tests per day. Every configuration allows for a single-platform disease management drawing from a test menu of more than 140 CC and IA tests.
Roche Diagnostics
Keywords: automation, chemistry, immunoassay, disease management