Model SRPM (Setra Room Pressure Monitor)

Monitors positive/negative pressure in protected environments

Setra Systems Inc, Boxborough, Mass, introduces the Model SRPM (Setra room pressure monitor) designed for pharmaceutical, clean rooms, research labs, and other settings that require stringent pressure monitoring and alarming. The unit monitors the positive or negative pressure in protected environments and airborne infection isolation rooms according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. It combines patented, very-low-pressure sensor technology with the latest in electronics, measuring, and displaying highly accurate pressure readings to 0.001 inches of water column resolution. A graphic, RGB backlit touch-screen display allows fingertip access to menus that guide users through room setup, application, security, and calibration. The monitor features a green LED to indicate normal conditions, and a red LED, audible alarm, and SPDT relay for remote annunciation, to signal unsatisfactory room-pressure status. The optional Model SRAN remote annunciator interfaces with the SRPM to provide remote visual and audio indication of room-pressure status.

Setra Systems Inc
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SampleWareVersion 3.0

Database-software system

Biomatrica® Inc, San Diego, offers SampleWareVersion 3.0, a database-software system for storing and organizing sample information that helps scientists manage their biological samples. The software platform provides tools for uploading, tracking, and retrieving sample data. Software is available in three editions: Desktop, Network, and Basic. The database is customizable, so users can match data to specific sample types and attach data and image files to corresponding samples. The software’s online tracking of samples reflects their physical location in the lab, which helps users locate and retrieve them. The company’s product line of biostability reagents, which includes DNA SampleMatrix™ (also sold as QIAsafe™), RNAstable™, and CrudE SampleMatrix™, are bar coded and integrate with the software to ease the transition to online-sample documentation. The system is compatible with radio frequency identification (RFID), which may help labs incorporate RFID technology into their sample-management methodology. The software allows lab managers to import sample data into the system, copy from sample files within the system, and transfer physical samples, with their corresponding data, between departments. Methods for data entry and sample management include a user-friendly spreadsheet that can be exported to Excel, and a boxtop view that provides a realistic representation of sample data.

Biomatrica Inc
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GSL-120 Slide Loader

Large-batch cytogenetic slide processing

Applied Imaging, UK, a Genetix Group plc company, introduces the GSL-120 slide loader for processing large batches of cytogenetic slides without user intervention. It can be integrated with the company’s CytoVision system, providing an integrated cytogenetic imaging-and-analysis solution. The unit fully automates this process, which may boost labs’ productivity. The unit incorporates image capture using an automated oiling system, an integrated bar-code reader, and automatic data handling with trainable-selection classifiers.

Applied Imaging
+44 (0) 1425 624600

nRBC-Chex for Advia

Nucleated red blood-cell control

Streck Inc, Omaha, Neb, introduces nRBC-Chex for Advia®, a nucleated red blood-cell control that verifies the accuracy and precision of nRBC enumeration of the Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics’ Advia 2120. It helps to provide the confidence that instrument-reported nRBC values are accurate without manual verification of a stained-patient smear. Packaged in plastic, 4-ml cap-pierceable vials, the control offers a closed-vial stability of 105 days and an open-vial stability of 14 days. STATS®, a free interlaboratory quality control program, is offered to customers. STATS produces relevant peer group comparison reports and graphs with a quick turnaround time. Data can be submitted by mail, fax, or e-mail. The reports include customer data, peer-group averages, and computer-generated Levey-Jennings graphs.

Streck Inc
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For detection/measurement of antibodies to TSH receptor

KRONUS® Inc, Boise, Idaho, reports the recent 510(k) clearance by the FDA of its TRAb ELISA, an improved, nonisotopic ELISA test kit for the detection and measurement of antibodies to the TSH receptor (TRAb). This improved assay uses the proprietary thyroid-stimulating human monoclonal autoantibody M22 (directly coupled to the peroxidase reagent), which provides an increase in assay sensitivity while simultaneously reducing assay time. Antibodies to TRAb are detectable in about 85% of untreated Graves’ disease patients. Their presence indicates the patient’s thyrotoxicosis is of autoimmune etiology rather than due to toxic nodular goiter.

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