Atomo Diagnostics, Sydney, Australia, and BBI Solutions, UK, part of Alere, have joined forces to offer AtomoRapid™, Atomo’s integrated rapid blood test platform.

Atomo RapidIt is a convenient, handheld rapid blood test device that simplifies procedures, eliminating the need for complex test kits containing multiple items.

The device is suitable for use in multiple settings, facilitating point-of-care testing and the detection of a range of diseases in physicians’ offices, outreach clinics, and patients’ homes.

Atomo is ISO 13485 compliant. AtomoRapids’ development was structured to meet FDA requirements, with particular emphasis on its Human Factors guidelines. The lancing system used in the device is an established product and meets US needlestick prevention guidelines. Atomo expects to secure CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) waiver status for tests commercialized on the platform.

Visitors to the upcoming AACC Expo in Houston can see this device at the BBI Solutions’ booth number 3363.

[Source: BBI Solutions]