TS-2000 Tube Sorter

Redirect lavender top tubes for testing

Sysmex America Inc, Mundelein, Ill, has unveiled its new Sysmex TS-2000 Tube Sorter—a high-end sample-management system with a speed of up to 800 samples per hour. As a part of the Sysmex Lavender Top Management® system, it is capable of automatically redirecting lavender top tubes for repeat/reflex testing performed on the Sysmex HST-N™ hematology automation line, or redirecting tubes for further testing onto an integrated A1c testing platform via the Bio-Rad VARIANT™ II TURBO Link. The Sysmex TS-2000 also can redirect lavender top tubes for sorting into laboratory-defined shared sample targets for additional testing and final archiving.

Sysmex America Inc
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