The Bacti-Swab collection and transport systems are complete and ready to use. The rayon swab is sterile and non-reactive and can be removed from the plastic sleeve without handling or contaminating the swab tip. Non-nutritive Modified Stuart’s medium maintains a favorable pH and provides a moist, inert protective environment preserving the specimen, as well as minimizing overgrowth of other organisms in a mixture.
     These transport systems, Bacti-Swab, Bacti-Swab II and Bacti-Swab NPG, protect bacteria against lethal effects of atmospheric oxygen, unfavorable pH, toxic fatty acids, and dessication. Bacti-Swab is a single rayon swab on a plastic shaft; Bacti-Swab II is two rayon swabs; Bacti-Swab NPG is a single, mini-tip swab on a wire shaft. The Bacti-Swab dry format also uses a rayon swab but does not contain transport medium.
Keywords: specimen collection, specimen transport