sl01.jpg (9019 bytes) Beckman Coulter Introduces New Hematology Analyzer
The COULTER® LH 500 hematology analyzer, for mid- to high-volume laboratories, offers complete blood counts with five-part differential analysis and advanced three-dimensional VCS (volume, conductivity, scatter) technology. This technology is designed to provide the highest level of sensitivity, specificity, and efficiency in white blood cell (WBC) differential analysis.

The LH 500’s expanded linearity limits extend from 0 to 200,000 cells/µL for WBCs, while platelet linearity limits extend from 0 to 2,000,000 cells/µL. The system helps reduce operator intervention by offering continuous sample loading for complete walk-away operation. Stat samples can be run with minimal interruption to routine workflow. The system allows user-defined decision rules, which can then be transferred to COULTER® LH 700 series hematology instruments, simplifying system setup and lab performance across multiple systems.

Approximately 20,000 sets of results and graphics can be stored on the instrument. The system integrates with COULTER LH 700 series instruments, sharing the same reagents, controls, and calibrators for consistent results. In addition, the LH 500 has virtually the same user interface, eliminating the need for additional technologist training.

The LH 500 can perform up to 75 samples per hour. Sample volume is 185µL in primary mode and 125µL in manual mode. Pre-diluted samples, including sodium citrate samples, can be processed and the LH 500 will calculate the final result.
The new system is compatible with Beckman Coulter’s PROService remote monitoring and diagnostics service. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, PROService monitors LH 500 instrument events and trends via the Internet and automatically alerts service technicians if the instrument begins to function outside normal parameters.