sl01.jpg (9019 bytes) Centrifuge Equipped With Maintenance-Free Frequency Drive
PRO Scientific Inc’s Hettich EBA 21 centrifuge has a brushless motor and generates a maximum RCF of 23,907 at a speed of 18,000 RPM. The centrifuge can be operated with both speed and RCF data. Running time, short-cycle mode, and nine pre-selectable braking and accelerating levels can be entered via the foil keypad integrated in the centrifuge’s lid where the parameters are digitally displayed.

The EBA 21 features a twist lock designed for easy opening and closing of the lid, ergonomically arranged controls and displays, a viewing port in the lid, an extensive range of rotors for different tube sizes, and three complete running programs that can be stored and recalled. Maximum safety is provided by metal housing, rotor detection, lid locking and holding, and an imbalance switch-off.

The centrifuge measures 9" x 10" x 13" and weighs 25 lbs.