The LIAISON® chemiluminescent benchtop system offers maximum flexibility with random access, batch mode, STAT functions, and continuous reloading of samples. Work runs can hold up to 120 primary tubes in racks of 10 samples each, with a throughput of 180 tests per hour and time-to-first-result in 17 minutes. All reagents needed for testing — conjugates, calibrators, diluents, and magnetic particles — are contained within the reagent integral. The two-point calibration master curve is stable for 2 to 6 weeks. Other LIAISON features include clot detection, a barcode for samples and reagents, continuous reagent and liquid inventory, variable dilution protocols, auto reflex testing, automatic dilution of high-titer samples, constant incubation temperature of 37°, and operation at ambient temperatures between 15°C and 37°C.
     LIAISON offers the only antibody-based 25-Hydroxyvitamin D assay, which measures both Vitamin D2 (25-OHD2) and Vitamin D3 (25-OHD3), in an automated, random access chemiluminescence platform. Research findings indicate that the requirement for Vitamin D increases with age and in some cases, medication intervention has helped reduce the risk of bone disease. With the increase in the aging population, measuring the correct levels of circulating 25-Hydroxyvitamin D is more important than ever. Testing with the LIAISON 25-OH Vitamin D and LIAISON N-TACT™ PTH assays provides accurate and definitive analysis of nutritional Vitamin D deficiency.
     Additional specialized assays in the areas of hepatitis, infectious diseases, and autoimmune disorders will be added to the LIAISON menu in the future.

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