Proven Diagnostics announces that the companies have entered into a collaborative agreement. Through this collaboration, Proven Diagnostics will offer selected tests from ViraCor-IBT’s menu of allergy, immunology and specialized infectious disease tests to its customers.

This agreement was the first made under Proven Diagnostic’s Portfolio of ExcellenceSM program. Proven Diagnostics seeks highly specialized laboratories to strengthen its growing menu of laboratory tests. In addition, collaborations such as these help ensure that patients receive the most accurate diagnosis, no matter how rare or unusual their conditions.

“This is a great opportunity to work with a company of the caliber of ViraCor-IBT,” said Candice Miller, CEO of Proven Diagnostics. “When we created the Portfolio of ExcellenceSM, we selected the best specialty laboratories in the nation, and ViraCor-IBT is clearly a leader in allergy, immunology and specialized infectious disease testing. This is the first of several collaborations to come. True to Proven Diagnostics’ mission, collaborations such as these are an essential cornerstone of our business.”

In June, ViraCor Laboratories and IBT Laboratories merged to form a specialty diagnostics laboratory, further expanding their laboratory testing menus and reach. The combined company specializes in cellular, immunology, and allergy testing services as well as molecular infectious disease tests designed for patients with compromised immune systems.

“This collaboration is important because it will provide physicians and patients a new level of service, including ViraCor-IBT’s specialized tests as well as accurate results quickly and efficiently,” said Maureen Loftus, chief business officer of ViraCor-IBT. “We are delighted to be working with Proven Diagnostics to meet the need of its labs, doctors and patients.”

As part of Geisinger Health System, Proven Diagnostics has embraced the notion of innovation – one area that has garnered Geisinger national attention from the media and from President Barack Obama. And Proven Diagnostics is taking an innovative approach to its delivery of services, with programs such the Portfolio of Excellence.

Source: Proven Diagnostics