productsThese Bottletop Dispensers offer adjustable- and fixed-volume sizes from 0.5 to 100mL and a Teflon “wiping” seal that eliminates piston swelling and freezing.
     The grooved positive-lock volume adjustment allows for a precise setting and prevents accidental changes. The telescoping filling tube easily adjusts to reagent bottles, and the clear plastic sleeve protects the glass cylinder. The dispensers rotate 360 degrees for access to volume adjustment and safe dispensing position.
     The ChemSaver Bottletop Dispenser offers the same features as the basic Bottletop Dispenser but it also includes a recirculating valve to channel reagent back into the bottle, eliminating waste.
     Accessories for all models include an extended 80cm discharge tube, membrane filter connection, drying tube and bottle adapters in both polypropylene and Teflon.
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