productsThis Autokit C3 assay test kit quantitatively determines complement C3 in human serum or plasma.
     The complement system is a plasma-based protein cascade that functions as an immune barrier. It is comprised of four main protein cascades — Classic, Alternative, Terminal and the newly discovered Mannan Binding Lectin pathways. Complement has three primary functions including the enhancement of phagocytosis through opsonization and solubilization of immune complexes, lysis of target cells and microorganisms and the release of anaphylatoxins.
      Measurement of C3 (like C4 and CH50) is an important index for the diagnosis of immune diseases like lupus nephritis, allergies and inflammation. C3, which is produced primarily in the liver, is important in monitoring fulminant liver diseases.
      In the Autokit C3 assay, a sample is mixed with reagents. C3 in the sample forms antigen-antibody complexes with anti-C3 antibody. The intensity of turbidity caused by the formation of the complexes is proportional to the amount of C3. By measuring the absorbance of the reaction mixture, the C3 amount in the sample is determined.
     Precision studies give less than 10% CV at mean concentrations of mg/dL. The linearity of the assay is up to 300 mg/dL and has a lower limit of detection 2 mg/dL.
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