d04a.JPG (12101 bytes)The C-reactive protein (CRP) is a general diagnostic indicator of infections and inflammation. It is involved in the activation of complement, acceleration of phagocytosis, and detoxification of substances released from dangerous tissue. The assay for CRP is more sensitive than the erythrocyte sedimentation rate and the leukocyte count and CRP levels rise and return to reference intervals more rapidly after the disease has subsided. As a result, CRP is considered to be one of the most sensitive indicators of inflammation and has recently been implicated in the development of cardiovascular disease.
     Pointe Scientific offers its wide range CRP reagent that incorporates the immunoturbidimetric method and provides an assay range of 0.1 to 320 mg/L, thus eliminating the need for repeats on elevated samples. The reagent eliminates the high dose hook effect by providing erroneous results. CRP controls are available in a two-level configuration and the calibrators come in a five-level kit, traceable to CRM 470 standards.
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