photoThis ELISA assay directly detects Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli in fecal specimens without the need for culture or enrichment.
     The ProSpecT Campylobacter Microplate Assay can be completed in 2 hours with near 100% accuracy when compared to routine stool culture methods. All incubations are at room temperature. Reagents are provided in ready-to-use dropper bottles, and results can be read visually or spectrophotometrically.
     The easy-to-use Assay can meet the needs of any laboratory that wants a quick, accurate diagnosis of Campylobacteriosus. This new assay can assist in cutting costs, reducing labor, and improving turnaround time in testing.
     In an analysis of ProSpecT and standard culture, a hospital laboratory that does 160 cultures per month has a cost of $11.36 per patient result with 14 minutes of technician time with a standard Campylobacter culture and $9.69 per patient and 1.98 minutes of technician time with the ELISA method.
    In a multi-center study of 1049 specimens, the ProSpecT Campylobacter Microplate Assay was 100% sensitive, 99.1% specific with an overall accuracy of 99.2% when compared to routine stool cultures.
Keyword: campylobacter, jejuni, coli, assay