photoThese two Quanta Lite autoimmune ELISA kits can detect IgA and IgG antibodies to tissue transglutaminase (tTG) to aid in the diagnosis of celiac disease.
     The kits are true, non-recombinant third-generation tTG assays with tTG antigen purified from human erythrocytes. By using native antigen laboratories can obtain sensitivity and specificity superior to that which is possible with recombinantly derived tTG.
     The use of a highly purified native human antigen source allows the company to offer an IgG isotype tTG kit for use in detecting celiac disease in IgA deficient patients.
     The two tTG kits share ready-to-use color-coded reagents and a 90-minute procedure. Individual breakaway microwells are color keyed for positive substrate specificity identification.
Inova Diagnostics Inc.
Keyword: ELISA, celiac