photoThe Lab-Tek II CC2 second-generation Chamber Slide System optimizes the surface for growing cells such as primary neurons or poorly-adherent cell lines.
     As with the previous Lab-Tek II Chamber Slide System, the CC2 provides a media chamber and cover made of cell culture-grade polystyrene, on a 25 x 75 mm soda lime glass microscope slide. Its removable biocompatible acrylic adhesive seals the media chamber to the slide, Superfrost marking area and 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-well media chamber configurations outline with inert hydrophobic border.
     The main feature of CC2 is that its growth surface has been modified, with the addition of positively-charged functional groups that closely mimic a biological coated surface such as polylysine.
     That offers two advantages. First, CC2 can be stored at room temperature. Second, CC2 remains stable and consistent for more than 18 months.
The biocompatible acrylic adhesive seals the polystyrene cell culture media chamber to the glass. The chamber is removable with Slide Separator and Key. The hydrophobic border defines each well while preventing cross-contamination. ID numbers etched in the border provide an easy means for microscopic orientation.
Nalge Nunc
Keyword: slide, system