photoThis company is offering the Etest made by AB Biodisk.
     The Etest is an antibiotic gradient strip for the quantitative determination of susceptibility or resistance of microorganisms. It is a robust and simple technique, minimally affected by laboratory variations and can be used to test most microorganisms.
     An accurate and reproducible Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) is generated for reliable guidance or antimicrobial therapy. A premade antibiotic gradient is immobilized on a thin plastic strip (5x50mm) and calibrated with an MIC scale covering a continuous range between 0.002-32, 0.016-256 or 0.064-1024 µg/ml depending on the drug. The strip provides 15 two-fold dilutions for greater accuracy of reporting. Etest can be used for a wide variety of unusual and/or fastidious organisms from anaerobes and pneumococci to gonococci.
Hardy Diagnostics
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