photoThis line of color-coded horizontal gel systems is designed to help differentiate use for specific purposes.
    Available in five fluorescent colors, these Mini-Gel or Midi-Gel Systems feature tapered baffles for leak-proof gel formation, UV transparent gel beds and safety covers with attached power leads. They are available in green, yellow, purple, pink or blue.
    The Horizontal Mini-Gel System is available with a gel bed size of either 5.5 x 8.5cm or 7.5 x 10cm. Both sizes accommodate several comb thicknesses and formats, making them suitable for use in a variety of experimental applications. To minimize the use of expensive reagents, only 2µL of sample is required per sample well.
    Three sizes of the Horizontal Midi-Gel System are available: 10.5 x 11cm, 14 x 10cm, and 14 x 16cm.
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