photoThe CP-8410 AutoInjector, for improving reproducibility in laboratories where multiple operators work with the same gas chromatography equipment, has been introduced by this company.
    Based on the same platform as the company’s CP-8400 AutoSampler, the CP-8410 AutoInjector is suited for routine and high-throughput facilities requiring round-the-clock operation, including environmental and toxicology labs. It features a sample tray that enables selection of 2mL, 5mL or 10mL sample vials. Operators have the capability to inject into two independent injectors without manual positioning or the need for a second injection tower.
    Because reproducibility can be affected by the syringe needle positioning, this product automatically aligns the syringe over the injector nut. It does not position samples over the injector port, preventing volatile solvent evaporation and degradation of thermally sensitive samples.
    The AutoInjector is controlled through the CP-3800 local user interface or with optional Star or Saturn workstation control. It also is capable of dual or duplicate injections and will automatically add an internal standard or a matrix spike standard to each injection, which further minimizes manual sample manipulation.
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