photoThe RIM Color Mono Latex Test is a rapid color-enhanced latex slide agglutination test for the qualitative and semi-quantitative detection of heterophile antibodies in serum or plasma associated with infectious mononucleosis. The kit includes RIM Color Mono Latex reagent, positive and negative controls, disposable test cards and pipettes/stirrers.
      Serum or plasma is pipetted onto the slide test area. Reagent is added, mixed, and rocked for one minute. Red latex particles used in the test are sensitized with a bovine red cell-mononucleosis antigen. The presence of IM antibodies in serum or plasma at detectable levels will interact with the sensitized particles to produce a visible red agglutination with a blue background, which is a positive result.
     A negative result is indicated by a smooth purple appearance.
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Keyword: mononucleosis, antibody