photoThis company has introduced a line of reagents designed for hematopoietic cell lineage classification in flow cytometry laboratories.
     Comprised of 26 reagents incorporating 30 specialties, the IOTest 3 line of conjugated antibodies covers markers for peripheral blood or bone marrow characterization. The antibodies are the most recent addition to the company’s IOTest universal cytometry reagent line.
     The reagents, which incorporate monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, explore both intracellular and cell surface antigens. They also include redundant combinations for users to build their own test panels.
     IOTest 3 antibodies are coupled with FITC as fluorescence 1 (FL1), PE as FL2 and ECD as FL3. Combinations of these antibodies can be used on three- or four-color flow cytometers.
     IOTest 3 reagents are available in the United States as "Analyte Specific Reagents. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established." Non-U.S. status is governed by the country of distribution.
Beckman Coulter
Keyword: reagent, flow cytometry