productThis Cobas Integra Cyclosporine immunoassay quantitatively determines cyclosporine A (CsA) in whole blood to aid in the management of cyclosporine therapy in kidney, heart and liver transplant patients.
     The test’s high specificity, sensitivity of 22 ng/mL and turnaround time of 20 minutes to first result can enhance patient care.
     This assay uses the enzyme-multiplied immunoassay technique (EMIT) technology, which was recognized by the Lake Louise Consensus Conference on cyclosporine monitoring in organ transplantation as the assay with the specificity and stable calibration required for the greatest monitoring accuracy. EMIT technology offers more parent drug specificity than other immunoassays, including RIA and FPIA and has excellent correlation with the HPLC reference method.
     CsA is one of the most common immunosuppressants used to prevent graft rejection in kidney, heart and liver transplant patients. Because patient response and dosage requirements vary, monitoring CsA levels is essential for improving patient outcome and ensuring cost-effective patient care. This assay monitors CsA levels so that they can be maintained within a range that minimizes the risk of rejection and drug-induced cytotoxicity.
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