New disposable robotic reservoirs provide compatibility with robotic arms, plate stackers (hotels), plate cranes and platform configurations. Manufactured of polypropylene, they stand up to robotic liquid handling, making it easier to run automated assays and increasing walk-away time.
     The disposable robotic reservoirs are single-use to help minimize cross-contamination. They provide a 300 ml working volume with molded in gradations every 100 ml, in either flat or patent-pending convoluted bottom designs that minimize dead volume. The convoluted bottom is optimized for the 96-well format. The flat-bottom configuration is usable on single, 6, 12, 96, 384 and 1536 formats. Sterile and non-sterile reservoirs are available. They are stackable and accept bar-code labels on two sides.
Nalge Nunc International
Keywords: robotics