The DynaChrome line of chromogens is comprised of three main products: DynaChrome DAB, DynaChrome AEC, and DynaChrome Fast Red. Each offers a dynamic end-product precipitate reaction. The customized formulations no longer require the addition of hydrogen peroxide when creating working reagents, and products retain their sensitivity and stability at ambient temperatures.
     DynaChrome produces crisp, sharp stains within 5 to 10 minutes with no background staining. Staining times may also be modified to meet individual protocol requirements.
     Shelf life for Dynachrome DAB is 7 days, Dynachrome AEC 14 days, and DynaChrome Fast Red remains stable for 24 hours. The Dynachrome line of chromogens are standard in all Immunon Detection System Kits, and are also available as stand-alone DynaChrome Systems.
Keywords: histology, staining, reagents