productThis company is offering a reformulated drugs-of-abuse negative confirmation control, DAU-I, for the 300ng opiate cutoff (former NIDA guidelines).
     The lypholized control contains the five NIDA (Now SAMHSA) drug groups. It is prepared from certified drug-negative normal human urine and pure drug substances. These drugs and metabolites are added to the urine to achieve the target values. After manufacturing, the product is tested by gas chromatography/mass spectrometer to verify the concentrations.
     The negative product complements our positive confirmation controls DAU-II-C and DAU-II-F.
     Shelf life is 24 months from date of manufacture (refrigerated). Once reconstituted, the control will remain stable for 30 days when stored at 2o-8oC. The product is packaged 1 x 10mLs in 20mL amber glass bottles with butyl stopper and tear seal.
UTAK Laboratories
Keyword: control, drugs-of-abuse